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Mamelodi dating sites

There are different organisations and groups that are working towards improving the standard of living and education levels within the township.

One of them is Tateni Community Care Services, funded in 1995, that operates 10 Drop-in Centres, mostly in primary schools, to support young children.

Another major outreach project situated on the University of Pretoria Mamelodi Campus is the Itsoseng Clinic, a psychological clinic providing free psychological services to the community of Pretoria.

The Clinic is a project of the University of Pretoria's Department of Psychology and is in operation since 1994.

Mamelodi is situated on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria and is formerly known as and it was previously known as Vlakfontein. We constantly consult with the elders or anybody that is directly attached to any event or the historical content of Mamelodi.

The name Mamelodi Mother of Melodies, was given to President Paul Kruger by residents because of his ability to whistle, imitating birds. We would still urge anyone with knowledge or pictures of the past happenings that occurred in Mamelodi or who could share Art or Craft that has attachment or uniqueness to Mamelodi.

It has become important to take the exhibition around various locations to showcase the rich history Mamelodi has to offer.

Viva works to support orphans and vulnerable children, as well as giving community members business and skills training.The township was established when 16 houses were built on the farm Vlakfontein in June 1953 and later the name changed to Mamelodi.The Group Areas Act designated Mamelodi as a blacks-only area, though this became moot with the fall of Apartheid in 1994.Show the national heritage character of Mamelodi within the South African historical landscape and its contribution in the various spheres of human endeavour such e.g.Politics, Sports, Arts and Culture, Literature, Entertainment and Education.

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During that period, he and his wife Ellen were the only whites legally allowed to live in Mamelodi.

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